Booker: Voice-assisted flight booking app

Update – March 23rd: Today it was announced that this prototype won 2nd place n_n !!

A few days ago ProtoPie started a contest on Dribbble called The PieDay Contest.

I thought it could be fun to join and challenge myself using some of Protopie’s newest features that I didn’t have the chance to try before.

So, the prototype I submitted is an assistant for booking a flight. It is controlled by voice as you follow the assistant instructions.
Of course, the main Protopie features are the Listen and Speech responses and formula $voiceTranscript saving the day.

I invite you to test this concept but first, there are a couple of things you must have in mind:
  1. Since this prototype needs to receive your voice commands using the microphone is mandatory that you open this prototype with Protopie Studio app (get it on the Play Store or the App Store). You can read the QR code in the above image or use the following link:
  2. This prototype is set in English UK for the speeches but in English US for voice inputs (yes, because, why not?). So make sure to speak in clear and calm English for a better prototype experience.

I hope you like it!

Figma: How to resize frames without moving objects inside

Recently I moved from Adobe XD to Figma and I got to admit that I’m really digging it so far.

One simple but annoying issue I was dealing with was frame resizing. Since in Figma artboards are frames, I was changing its height back and forth as soon as the UI length changed. By doing it in the same way I used to on Adobe XD I quickly realized that some items moved together along with the frame because of constraints. That, of course, was not de desired outcome.

Well, I recently discovered that by holding Ctrl while you drag and resize the artboard, it ignores element’s constraints set-ups. In addition to that if you hold Ctrl +  Alt the resizing will be performed proportionally.